Bridges Academic Center

Bridges Academic Center of Excellence (“Bridges”) is the dBA of Bridges Community Economic Development Corporation is a California non-profit community service organization that serves the City of Carson and surrounding communities of Cerritos, Compton, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Long Beach, and Los Angeles; in particular, the underserved communities. Bridges’ mission is to eliminate the academic gap in all communities within the greater Los Angeles area by providing K-12 students access to excellent and high-quality supplemental educational programs. Bridges strive to create a leveled playing field by offering supplemental educational programs and support to enable every student an opportunity to maximize his/her full academic potential.

Our overall academic enrichment programming goals are to: equip underserved, local students with the skills, tools, and resources needed to level the academic playing field; provide access to substantive academic and college preparation resources; increase the number of students completing high school and enrolling in colleges from underserved communities; and facilitate long-term success in the domains of self, family, education, career, and community.

At the Bridges Academic Center of Excellence, we strive daily to:

  • Create an environment that is safe and social-emotionally centered

  • Provide access to high quality supplemental educational resources for students, especially those in our underserved communities

  • Promote a college-going culture

  • Promote wellness and healthy living

  • Increase English proficiency and writing skills of students

  • Increase mathematic proficiency and critical thinking of students

  • Bridge the digital divide in computer knowledge, access and literacy

  • Increase parental involvement

  • Increase family financial literacy

  • Decrease youth involvement in risk-taking and anti-social behavior

  • Increase confidence of students in their academic abilities and hopes for future success

  • Provide the best quality educational support , fully sponsored or low-cost

As Bridges continue to focus its efforts on closing the academic gap for students in our communities, we do so through our academic enrichment and supplemental educational programs, including:

After School @ Bridges (for 1st through 12th grade students)

1. Tutoring & Homework lab
2. College preparation and financial aid workshops
4. Reading lab
5. Academic Success Mentoring program
6. Parenting workshops

Summer STEAM Academy, which includes college tours and STEM-related field trips (for 5th through 11th grade students)

To unlock every student’s potential, we have:

  • Credentialed & experienced master teachers

  • A proven track record of success

  • Fun and engaging instruction

  • A positive and supportive social-emotional centric environment

  • Parent workshop and support


Give the gift of knowledge.

We are committed to giving all youth access to excellent and high-quality supplemental educational programs. With your help, we can provide this precious gift to the students in our community who need it the most.


225 West Torrance Blvd. Suite D Carson, CA 90745


OFFICE 310.538.9185
FAX 310.538.9244


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