Last year, I had a rough time teaching at my school. Both students and staff were finally facing and struggling with their socio-emotional needs post pandemic—with no support. At the end of the school year, I was beat & drained. It was through Bridges that I rediscovered my “why” — Why I teach. Working with like-minded and loving teachers, who truly care about holistic teaching, I felt renewed. With everyone working toward the same goal—teaching the students in love and grace to work through their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relational awareness and skills, responsible decision making, and academic growth and excellence. It really takes a village to grow and flourish.

– P. Fernandez (Teacher - Summer STEAM Program) 

The most memorable aspects of this program have been the community and connections made between staff and students. I have never witnessed a student leave the program without taking some form of growth with them. I am an alumni of the camp, now graduating from my high school with high honors and leadership recognition. This program encouraged me to overachieve academically and gave me new perspective on social skills, team building, and a stronger sense of responsibility in my personal life. I love returning to the camp each year to help lead new generations towards renewed self-confidence and to enlighten them of their higher potential, no matter their environment or background.

– K. Soriana (Past Student and Tutor) 

The Bridges Summer STEAM Academy has given me an opportunity to enhance students’ academic experiences. The program instills character, resilience and motivation enabling students to pursue wider goals. With the use of STEM projects I was able to provide enrichment activities, allowing students to expand their understanding of content through project based learning and discussion. The most amazing aspect was culmination night when I witnessed students identifying and explaining the problem-solving and thinking skills used to complete the projects. They spoke and explained the outcomes of the projects with ownership, pride, and confidence. As a teacher, it is heartwarming to view individuals who have utilized the skills that you’ve presented to them with hopes that they will continue to make investments in their future.

– J. Beasley (Teacher/Tutor – Summer STEAM & Tutoring Programs) 

I remember having fun in the classroom, not just learning, but really being excited to understand the concepts that we were going over, understanding algebra and the math behind everything. I remember being excited to understand it.

– Past Student 

The environment was positively reinforcing…very refreshing for the summer and I could still interact with kids my age and have a place where I could pick up new skills and information.

– Past Student 

Each student feels special in their own way… The program director knew the names of every single student, which is crazy…, she really made every student feel that she really deeply knew them. She knew their parents, their interests, what they're struggling with, what they're really good with, and things like that. So, she made you feel like you were the only student in the program.

– Past Student 

I feel like they did a really great job with the whole program in preparing us for the following school semester. Like if you're going to take algebra next semester, they place you in the algebra class or a higher class, based on how you performed on the pre-test. You wouldn’t be placed in a math class that you have already taken.

– Past Student 

They help me prepare for my five-year plan. I remember they had these speakers come in and tell us like you need to have this certain plan like five years from now, and you can start building on that plan and achieving that goal, or start practicing for what you need to do to succeed in high school and be ready for college. So, knowing that being so young and knowing you can create a five-year plan has really, really helped me.

– Past Student 

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